Friday, March 20, 2009

Just so you know...

...There is a genuine reason behind my lack of posting - my laptop blue-screened [Translation - the screen went blue and then the system spontaneously shut down] apparently as a result of over-heating *sadface*. My brother managed to get it working again last night, but after about half an hour it blue-screened again *double sadface*. At least I know it's not a motherboard problem, so my files are all salvageable *happyface*.
Anyway, whinging aside, I'm just here to point out that as my reason for not blogging is highly valid i.e. not laziness or forgetfulness, there will be no punishment week 1) because punishment weeks are to punish laziness and forgetfulness, and reinforce the development of habitually posting and 2) because I don't have guaranteed daily access to a computer - I feel that in itself is punishment enough.

Just so you all know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Also, check out the Radio Times cover Frances made for me:
The image was taken from my dailybooth account (which, btw, if you don't have an account yet GET ONE!! you're missing out on all the fun) I mentioned on twitter that I wanted a red nose, and she made me one! :D (thanks again Frances!!)

I think that's about all I have to say for now. Until next time (i.e. when my computer gets fixed)

Chow for now!! :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

Review: The Book Thief

So I finished The Book Thief today, which was much earlier than I had calculated. When I started reading, my pace was really slow, so I thought this would be a book that would last me around 3 weeks. But here I am a week and a half after buying it, completely finished. I got a lot faster once I got into Markus' writing style (which is fantastic, by the way). I'm really glad I read this. It's good to see that yet again, John Green and his loyal nerdfighters know how to pick a good book. 
Now I shall synopsise. Basically, it follows the story of a young girl during WWII Nazi Germany, living with her foster parents, when they offer to hide a jew in their basement. I'm not going to say anymore, for fear of spoiling it, because I hate having things spoiled for me. It makes me really angry when people tell me the ending of something before I've read it. This is why I usually don't include a synopsis with my reviews, and when I do I keep it to a bare minimum. Also, I'm kind of crap at picking out points to include in a synopsis, so it's also a good avoidence tactic. Just FYI. But yeah, speaking of spoiling things, part of the reason I found it a little difficult to adjust to Markus' writing style was because he would forward parts of the plot from later in earlier parts. The narrator was spoiling the story. This felt kind of unnatural, like when you take a peep at a later page. I felt almost naughty, as though I shouldn't know those things just yet... but then the narrator was offering them to me... I wasn't actually cheating, although it felt like it... a bit.

Seriously, though, I can see why this book has been so critically acclaimed. It was truly amazing. It captured exactly how that war era must have been for the german citizens. It's funny, because I never realised that we really don't hear much of their story. We hear about the jews in concentration camps run by evil Nazi officers, both survivors and victims. We hear Hitler demonised, but we don't hear much about the actual citizens who lived in the country over which he reigned. I think many of us assume that all germans approved of Hitler's values, and his actions as political leader; I know at least I didn't stop to think that there mught have been some who were opposed. It was truly fascinating. 

This one definitely gets 5 stars. 100% brilliant. I'd recommend it to anybody and everybody. Markus Zusak is bloody amazing, and I will definitely be on the lookout for his other books. 

The next book on my list is a romantic novel. Not a trashy bodice ripper with Fabio on the cover (I avoid those at all costs). It's Once In A Lifetime by Cathy Kelly, an Irish author, and it's her new book. I might see this Friday if I can get to Brisbane City Hall to meet her and get my book signed by her. I've already read 2 of her other books (Just Between Us and Always And Forever) and I quite like her. This one is labelled as "her best book yet" by Marian Keyes, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. Will post a review when I'm done, as always, so that's something to look forward to I guess (it'll give me something to blog about in any case)

Hope you're all well

Till Thursday (which is probably Wednesday for most of you :P)



This made me laugh:

It's the first time ever that someone I know over the age of twenty-five has sent message to me that is those three letters in its entirety. This quite literally made me lol. :P

Just thought I would share. Love you Frances <3>

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 7

So if you haven't yet, read the previous post now. Then come back and read this one. KK

Today's OMW was a good one: Pretend you are painting your self portrait. Describe it.
Here is my answer:
The lighting is dim... My face is in half-shadow. The colours are weak as well. My eyes are full of distraction. not attentive to the artist or the viewer... completely focused on something else.

Aaaaaand here are the 2 ATC's I promised. 
I must have taken this shot about ten times to get both the lighting and the focus right. All the others were either blurry or yellow from my bedroom light. This one still isn't perfect but it was the best of the worst... kind of thing...

Oh, and I should be finished The Book Thief by tomorrow, so I'll post about that for my OE3D post...

Guess I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, like.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 6

So... Ignore the tag that tells you the date and time of this entry... it's probably wrong. It is now Sunday, 7:25pm and I am only just sitting down to do this. I'm not going to explain the tardiness of this entry, nor will I punish myself. Let's just say I've been punished enough this week, and leave it at that. 

Righto. Down to Business

OMW entry: Topic is "Loveys" - a child's comfort item like a blanket or teddy bear. If you still had a lovey now, what would it be?

Here is my response:
A book. A world that i can sink into and surround myself in when i have nowhere else to go, and need an escape. A refuge from the constant demands of today's society. 

**ps. my capchacode is "clean"... is it trying to tell me something?

And as for ATC's, I'm going to take a photo of both Saturday's and Sunday's cards together, and post them in the Sunday Punishment post. It'll be up real soon.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 5

So lets get straight down to business.
Now, those of us familiar with OMW will be well aware that today is Fiction Friday. The chosen topic was to write a pivotal moment in a 
child's life from the child's P-O-V. Here is what I wrote:

Mummy called me over to the bed. She patted her quilt and beckoned me to take a seat. I did.
"What is it, Mummy?"
There was something sad in her eyes. I didn't know why.
Then she said it.
"You're adopted, sweetie. I'm not your real mummy"

I think the whole OMW thing is helping with my typing speed. I usually want to say more than I 
can type in that minute. 
Onto the second matter of today: ATC. 
I must confess: Today's ATC was a little rushed (hense the simplicity) but I guess that is the beauty of the ATC. You can make one in what little time you have.
that's all for now :) I promise tomorrow will be better.

By the way, sorry if this doesn't turn out well when I publish... I hit something without meaning to, and it made the font size huge, and when I tried changing the font size back it wouldn't change the line height. And I couldn't undo to get back to it because it autosaved on me... just at the wrong second. >:@ angry panda


*never mind... apparently it worked after all...

Shave for a Cure and other fun things

SO there were plenty of amusing things that happened today. First of all, my brother had his hair shaved off. Not just for the thrill, though. The main purpose of the exercise was to raise funds for leukaemia research and patient care, etc. He has nearly reached his $1000 goal, too, which is a huge effort, so YAY. I got footage of the shave in action... which I am still yet to finish editing and uploading, but hey. As we procrastinators say: that's what TOMORROW is for :P. 

Secondly, my dad got home from work today. He hasn't been home for a few weeks since he's been up in Mackay and Gladstone and such places installing 3G technologies for rural areas. It's so good to have him home. He missed the birthdays of both my older sisters (their birthdays are 5 days apart) so we're all going out on Sunday for lunch. So looking forward to that tonne of fun. I know that might sound sarcastic, but I really mean it. It's really good to have him home though, even if only for a couple of days. 

Thirdly, I went to United (my youth group). I got to see my awesome friends there for the second time this week, so that was pretty cool. 

Also, I'm pretty much exactly half way through The Book Thief. It. Is. AWESOME. (just in case you weren't already aware).

That is probably not all that I had to say for today, but it's all I can think of for now. 

I still have another post to put up, so I'm gonna finish this off here.

And oh yeah, I got a LJ account. So, if you're on LJ you can be my friend here.

That's it now. I think. I'm gonna leave it there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 4 - Part 2

So here is the other half of today's post, as promised.

The topic today was really interesting: Pendulum. In what area do you tend to swing from one extreme to the other and back again?

Here is my response:
Career choice... i'm at that tricky time where i have absolutely no idea what i want to do, but i'll say i do, to keep others from questioning... and the next day i'll have changed my mind again... One area where i fear i will never settle...

I think I might be getting a little better at this...

Ok, so 2 posts promised for tomorrow... 1 Punishment post, and One OE3D post. 

Until tomorrow...

Punishment Week 3 - Day 4 - Part 1

Ok, so I've explained in yesterday's blog post that I won't be doing my OMW post until after I get home from work later tonight, but for now, have my ATC:
Sorry it's a little blurry, but you get the idea. The orange strips were left over from yesterdays ATC. So instead of weaving this one, I decided to just stick it onto the yellow card, and stitch the black parts. I kind of like the embroidered effect on the cards. I think this effect is sure to recur a fair bit in future ATC's. I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

Ok, that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 3

Let's skip the formalities and get straight down to business :)

Ok, so here's todays ATC. I wove it. Told you the continuing theme would be geometric patterns. I really like this one; i was going to add a backing to it, but I like that it's double sided. I'd upload a picture of the back as well, but it was kind of hard to get my camera steady w/o a tripod, so getting this shot alone took a fair bit of effort. I'm really happy with how it turned out, anyhow... I'm using the extra bits that didn't end up getting used for some other ATC's, which you will probably see later this week. 

**Oh, by the way, tomorrow I may post my challenges in 2 seperate posts, since I'm free during the day I'll post my ATC pic early, but the new topic for OMW doesn't come out until after I finish work tomorrow night. So, just saying so you know to expect 2 post tomorrow instead of 1. 

So here's my entry for One Minute Writer for today. I swear they just get worse everyday. Or maybe it's just that I'm kind of tired today... 
Ok, so the topic today was SAFETY, and the question was "How would you protect your children from online predators?"

Easy. Expose them to what you want to protect them from, so that when they are confronted with said situation in real life, they know how to deal with it.

So there you have it... I'll be posting again tomorrow (twice) and on friday, I'll be back with both a normal blog and Punishment Challenges.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, Time to blog again, I see...

[Please read previous post FIRST... kthx]

So, I really had no idea what to write about... If you read my last post (which you should have... If you haven't, go read it now) you would know that everything is awesome at the moment. I usually only have something to write about when stuff isn't going so well, because my brain goes into hyperspeed just to process and think through everything in an attempt to correct things and restore balance. Kind of ironic that the topic for today's OMW was VENT. I vent about stuff all the time. ALL the time. Even if it's just having an imaginary conversation playing in my head... even though I still say my lines out loud... feels better that way. More complete, or something. More definite. My family is quite used to hearing me talk to myself (only really when I'm in my room alone... not around other people) heck, some of them are guilty of it too. So, my vent for today is that the one day when everything is actually fantastic, and I have no compulsion to complain about anything, is the day that the chosen topic is to vent that spleen. So, sweet irony... I really have nothing more to say. I'm kind of exhausted, to be honest. I'm sure there is plenty more I could talk about, but my brain just isn't up to the task. In fact, it's quite enjoying this stress-free hiatus. It should be back to 100% again shortly. Just wait, it's only a matter of time until the balance is lost again. 

Brain says sleep. Body must obey.

Good night <3

Punishment Week 3 - Day 2

Ok, so, business as usual today. New post coming soon (I am really wishing I hadn't left this quite so late). But anyway, here they are.

Entry for One Minute Writer.
Today's topic was VENT. Vent about whatever is bothering you. Here is my entry:
The curious thing is... every other day, i vent non stop about anything and everything. Whatever it is, I use it as an excuse to blow off steam. And yet now, when the topic is to VENT, i cannot think of anything that bothers me. Dearest Irony, where would I be without you?

And here is my next ATC. I, too, am feeling rather geometric... this may become a running theme for the rest of the week...

Ok, I think that's everything. New post soon... If I can think of something to write about...

Seeyagen SOOOON

Monday, March 9, 2009

Punishment Week 3 - Day 1

I said yesterday that this Punishment week would be different. I also said I would be taking on all four of the challenges suggested in the comments. I have since thought this through and decided that since I'm likely to find myself facing another punishment week sooner or later, I should probably save some of these challenges for next time. I do like the idea of combining the ATC's with the short story, but when I write a story, I like to have it all in my head before I start writing, even if it is just a draft. I'm going to leave the short story till next time. I have some ideas brewing now, so I will have something worth reading next time. I may even deliberately miss a post, just so I can do it. Also, photo diary didn't happen today. Nothing much to document, or at least not IMO. I might as well save this one for another time as well. Sorry, I know I kind of worked up to all this stuff yesterday, so if you were looking forward to it, I apologise. You'll just have to wait until next time. 

Anyhow, onto the challenges:

First up, here is my entry for todays One Minute Writer. The topic was Learning. 
Fill this blank: "I think the world would be a better place if students learned more ______ in school."
My answer:
"Relevant skills: Most of the stuff coming out of schools these days is completely useless. It goes in one ear and out the other, because there is simply no use for the information once they leave the classroom."

Secondly, I have made a new ATC. I had a go at stitching and experimenting with non-traditional media. If you saw my last ATC it was quite different. I basically just coloured in my bit of paper with coloured pencils. For this one I used feathered wool, which I wrapped around the paper and stuck with double sided tape. Then I affixed the white bit of paper to the blue with more tape, poked holes in the blue card for stitching, then covered the back with another blue piece to cover the messy backside. It's not entirely glorious, but it's a start. As I did it, I had heaps of new ideas for variations on this theme, and you'll probably see some of them this week.

And that is everything. Tomorrow I will be doing a proper blog, as well as continuing with the challenges. Keep the suggestions coming too, people. I seem to miss my posts on such a regular basis, I'm going to need quite a few more challenges to keep me busy. 

KK that's all I got to say. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Later that day...

[Please read previous post FIRST!! kthxbi]

Ok, so I've seen a few punishment ideas now... I like what i'm hearing, and I actually like all the ideas. With the kind of time I have on my hands at the moment, I might just do them all. 

This already sounds so much funner than a traditional (I say traditional, but really, I've only been at this blogging thing for a couple of months, so I'm not sure if that's enough time to call it a tradition... but whatever... It's good enough for me) punishment week. 

Also, just for fun, I might get some of you guys to join in... If you want to, that is. If you feel like you want to do any of these punishment/challenges along with me... well, you know what they say about misery loving company... :P If you do, leave a comment with a link to your blog, or just tweet it to me. Then we can all enjoy my punishments together :P. 

So. I think, even though Punishment weeks start the day after the missed/late blog post, since I had to wait for replies on this one, I won't be starting till tomorrow. Hope you guys don't mind waiting till then... It's already 10:50pm here, and since I'm trying to kick the nightowlishness, I need to get to bed. I've been up since before 7am, and I really should have been in bed over an hour ago. What happened instead was after getting home from night church a little later than usual, I had to drive Papa (my Grandad) back to my uncles place because he has trouble driving in the dark. Then when we got there, we stayed for a bit of a cuppa tea and a chinwag, then I drove home with mum, who drove her car as a way of getting home. So I racked up a bit of nightdriving for my logbook, and caught up with both my uncle and my papa, so I think it was worth the loss of sleep... But it means now as I type I am reeeeeaaallly tired. I wanna just hit the sack, but I'll finish this up first. 

Last quick bit of news is that I started The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak this morning. Only a few pages in before I went off to do something else, but I'm already intrigued. I will definitely post a review when I finish this one. It's also good to see that there are really great writers in Australia too... I know nationality isn't a HUGE thing, but it's still really homely to read books written by people who come from the same place as you (well, not QUITE the same place; Markus is a Sydney-sider [and presumably a Blues supporter] whereas I'm a Brisbane-ite [and a Maroons supporter]). But still, same country. I mean, counting all the other books that are really popular these days: Harry Potter: English, Paper Towns: American, Road To Paradise: also American. I mean, they're great for my foreign geography skills, but not much aussie blood on the NYT Bestseller list. Ok, that's about all I have to say on the matter. Oh and PS. Not sure of Stephanie Meyer's nationality... and too lazy to google it. It's probably irrelevant, but still. 

ANYway, That's all from me for now. I'm going to bed, and I will report back here tomorrow with the fruits of my labours. And, if you're joining in, I can't wait to see the fruits of yours. [PS. My Punishment week will run Monday to Sunday, you guys can go by the same calendar week, but mine will be up earlier thanks to time zones, etc.]


Yes, Yes I know.

I realise that this was supposed to be posted yesterday. But in all fairness, yesterday was busy. I do have a life outside of this blog. Now, traditionally after missing a blogging day, or even if I post after midnight, I would punish myself with a full week of punishment posts. This time, I feel like I've only just finished the past week of punishment posts, and quite frankly, I'm getting sick of doing them already. This time, I think I'll leave it up to you guys. Leave me a comment: Do you want to see another punishment week? yes? no? or would you rather suggest another punishment? You can suggest whatever you like, so long as it can be posted here in some way. Perhaps instead of posting, I could make a ATC each day, and post pictures. Maybe I can do a photo diary, or a series of short stories and anecdotes. Let me know. I don't want to bore you guys with tonnes of posts full of nothing but rants and rambles. I find it boring myself. 

So... with nothing else of any value to say, I pass the talking stick now to you, my readers.

[I expect loads of comments. Be creative, i'm looking forward to a fun, fun week]
[Also, I will still keep up my OE3D posts, so you won't miss a thing... and hopefully I won't either]

Over. ~crackle~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just in the nick of time...

It's 11:30 at night (11:29 to be precise), and I only just remembered that I had to post today. I mean, I thought about doing it earlier today, but, inkeeping with the true spirit of creative people, I procrastinated. Lots. 

So, late as it is, I'm still posting this before midnight, so no third punishment week just yet :D. 

Anyway, my blogging topic of choice is the movie which I saw yesterday, which was The International. Basically, I had no idea what was going on most of the time. Mysterious stuff would happen, and instead of it being solved, it was forgotten about. The plotline was fuzzy, and it was just a crazy chain of incoherent events; switching back and forth from subdued meetings and dealings and crazy, unnecessarily bloodthirsty action sequences. I really don't want to talk about it much more, because really, there wasn't much more about it to say. There might have been, had it made any sense. But this time, smart as I am (no tickets, I swear :P), I just didn't get it. I spent the whole time waiting for everything to reach that climactic point, where everything actually makes sense, and leaves you thinking about how amazingly complex it was for hours after you walk out of the theatre. That was not what I got. I actually pretty much forgot most of it as soon as I had left, and had to actually try to remember anything about it at all. Not exactly the trademark of a good movie. I mean, I rate Rock'nRolla above this. I never even wanted to see RnR, but I went along with friends, and I have to say they picked well. It was far above what I had expected, which is the exact opposite of this movie. In fact, it is starting to depress me that I actually spent (wasted) time and money on this film. If I could take it back, I would. 

Moving on.

One of my followers (who I believe I have mentioned in a previous blog post) Frances posted a new entry today (yesterday? I don't know. I read it today, in any case) about this new art craze called Artist Trading Cards. Basically, if you remember the Pokemon or YuGiOh or Magic - The Gathering TCG phases, then this is sort of similar, only not. About the only similarity is the size 
of the card - 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Frances' blog post explains the phenomenon, and has links to various sites explaining the rules. Check it out here. I am absolutely in love with the idea. So, (I 
know I already thanked you about it on twitter, but I'd like to say it again here) thankyou for posting about it and opening my eyes to endless possibilities - this way I can create even when I am short on time! 
I actually used to draw/colour in small pictures when I was younger, and I still have some of them, but I measured them, and they're about half an inch too small in both length and width. I'm going to get some card and make a quarter inch border to strengthen it and to correct the size. Here is a sample of one that I prepared earlier (lol, I couldn't resist. I shall try to keep cliches to a minimum in future :P).

Time for sleep. Goodnight!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Punishment Week 2 - Day 7

Finally. Another week of daily blogging has come to a close. But be not sad, for there will surely be more of these to come :) knowing me, I am likely to forget again soon. I will strive not to, but no promises. 

As I type this, I am listening to a song on YouTube, being performed by Zoe Keating on cello. The title of the song is TetrisHead, and I have to say, I am completely mesmerised. I don't know how she does it. Oh, and I should mention how I came to stumble upon this video: I was reading the blog of another friend from Twitter, and there was a link to this video on her blog. You can read her blog here and this is the video here. Go check them out, because they are both made of awesome.

Anyway, I remember I have been promising a review of Paper Towns for days now. So, I guess, here it is. 

At first when I started reading, I was excited to read, of course, but with all the hype surrounding the book, I had to wonder if it would live up to my expectations. And, of course, it surpassed them. It was a fairly quick read, for me at least. After reading Road To Paradise, this one was easy peasy. I have to reread it now though, because in my haste I fear I may have missed important details. 
But yeah. So i guess what I'm giving you today is more just an initial reaction. So. Yeah.
Second novel in a row that features teens racing across the country after graduation. Interesting coincidence. Kind of makes me wish I had done the same after I had finished school, but oh well. 

It was a fantastic read though, I recommend it not only to Young Adults (the audience for which it was intended) but for anybody who is young at heart. It's not like all the other chick-flicky teen novels you see around these days. There is real substance and emotion that anyone can relate to, no matter what your age. 

I also love that even though John is a 31 year old writing to a teenage audience, he never once wrote down to the readers level. He respects his audience, which is key, when the bulk of your audience call themselves Nerdfighters. He speaks their language.

There is really so much more to say about this book, but for fear of spoiling it for those who are still yet to enjoy it, I really can't say much more of it here. I just really, really, really strongly recommend that you read it if you haven't. If you have, you'll know what I'm saying. Also, you'll know the value of rereading this masterpiece. 

That's about all I can think of to say for now. 


Sunday, March 1, 2009

PAPER TOWNS... and stuff...

So most of you already know about a book called Paper Towns. You may also know about a man called John Green. He wrote it. He also likes talking to a camera and uploading it to the internet. You can find his (and his brother Hank's) channel here

Last post I mentioned that i had finished reading Paper Towns. I also mentioned that I might do a book review on it later (i.e. now). I would be doing this now except for the fact that I really left this quite late, and as a result, I am now really really tired. So tired, in fact, that I am typing this lying on my bed with my head on my pillow. Feeling as though I may fall asleep at any given moment is not an unfamiliar feeling for me, nor is it something particularly difficult to overcome... It's just that, since Paper Towns is made of so much awesome, I really need to be fully awake to even try to convey the awesomeness in Book Review form. 

So that one will have to wait yet again.

If you are reading this as a result of my posting the link on Twitter, you may have noticed my lack of tweeting over the past couple of days. I've been kinda busy with IRL stuff. I won't say much about it other than being a creativemachine, while kind of cool, sometimes isn't easy. If you get an amazing idea or a sudden gushing of creative flow at 2am, you don't ignore it. Even when you have work at 8:30am. Such is the price the creative soul must pay for productivity. Let me tell you, I wish on a regular basis that the creative half of my brain would just follow the 9-5 Monday to Friday work plan. I wish that creativity was perhaps a little more orderly. But it isn't. It is unpredictable, which I think is supposed to be part of its charm. It does kind of make sense, seeing as you think about things a little differently at 2am than at 9am. Problems that bug you for hours during normal waking time are solved much faster (of course i am referring to creative problems - logical/mathematic/scientific problems are best kept for normal time) simply because you are in the figurative zone. Access to this zone seems to only be achieveable during the wee hours of the morning. Now I think of it, the lack of activity from other household members resulting in increased capabilities to focus combined with the increased insurance of solitude for at least the next 4 1/2 hours are probably contributing factors to the accessibility of this zone, and hence the creative flow one requires to... create. Of course, this only works with forms of creativity that don't involve creating noise... in that case 2am is probably the worst time to be creative because you risk waking up not just the entire house but the entire neighbourhood, and that results not only in loss of solitude, but also angry tired people yelling at you for waking them up at such an ungodly hour. Thankfully, I am not the noisy breed of creative (well, I am, just not in this instance) so I did not wake up the neighbourhood. I was in fact making a bracelet which I had intended to give to my sister for her birthday, but since her birthday has now passed and the bracelet is unfinished, that obviously did not happen. It will be presented to her when I get it finished, and photograph it for my portfolio. I'll put it on Flickr too so you guys can all see it. 

Well, that rant was unexpectedly long. Hope that sort of makes up for my half-hearted attempts in the past week. 

Also, it might interest you to know that is now approx 1:30am. (But since I got smart and opened this window well before midnight, the publish time will be before Midnight, hense no punishment. That's probably cheating, i know, but at this hour I am past that point where I actually care about these things... plus I'm already doing a punishment week, and I'd rather not extend it) 

See you all again when I wake up. I was going to say tomorrow, but since it is already today, then I guess it'll be later today!


Punishment Week 2 - Day 6

Ok, so I'm actually going to put a decent amount of effort into my post today, since the last 2 days have been completely half-hearted. I've been distracted, to be fair. It's not easy to blog with my sister in my room all the time. I mean, it's been fun sharing so far, but nothing fruitful has come of it yet. So I feel like I owe it to you, my readers, to write something at least HALF-decent.

I'm going to rant about slogan T-shirts. They're everywhere. You can't go out anywhere public anymore without seeing at least a dozen of them. Most are pretty average. Some are crap, others are completely genius. Others were funny the first time, but you've seen them on about ten people by now so the joke has gotten old. Then there are those ones that just don't make sense. For example, I was at work the other day, serving customers, and this lady came up to me, wearing a shirt that said "You Suck". That was it. There was no clever wit to it. It was just an insult. Tell me, what does wearing a shirt that tells the reader that they are inferior tell you about the wearer of the shirt? Please someone, tell me in the comments. I want to hear your opinions on this. Also, what is the worst slogan you have seen on a T-shirt? Not that "You Suck" is the worst. I have seen much worse. This one just makes the least sense. COMMMMMMENT PLLLEEEEEEEEASEEEE!!!

So yeah. Ugh so much for putting in effort. It is hot today, and my brain is threatening to shutdown. I can't think of anything else to talk about. AAAND I just remembered that today is also OE3D posting day too. So even though I can't think of anything to write about, I have to write again later today. 

I remember I was going to write about Paper Towns, since I finished it, but since most of you readers will have already read it, I see little point in reviewing it now. I may do it for fun later, or if I REALLY can't think of anything else to write about. 

So, standby people. Another load of word-vomit coming your way very soon.

I am so sorry about being so crap at the moment. Here's hoping I'll be back to normal soon. ~crosses fingers~