Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My blog-as-a-method-of-procrastination reflex just kicked in.

I couldn't resist.

So, how are we all? Fantabulous I suppose? Great. So good to hear. I'm absolutely spiffing if you were wondering. 3 assignments due in the space of a week... It doesn't get much better than this. Especially considering how much work is yet to be done on them all. Don't you just love that feeling? But don't you?

Also, I'm incredibly tight on money due to being a full time student and also due to needing to pay for a trip to China in june/july, so what do I do? I pre-order a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver for DS (out this thursday) and buy a preowned copy of Super Mario DS (like Super Mario 64, but... yep, you guessed it, for DS. Aren't you glad I tell you these things? Where on earth would you all be without me? I tell ya)

You're probably all getting the feeling at this point that I haven't got any actual purpose for posting this body of meaningless text. I'm getting that feeling too. I just like posting stuff. And I like you guys for liking what I post. Yeah, you guys are a bit of alright.

I have got some small tidbits, I guess... like, ummm... Holidays are coming up! Easter holidays approach, guys! This means I will have time to sleep in and squeeze oranges (did I ever mention how much I like freshly squeezed orange juice? No? well, I do. But I won't drink stuff out of a bottle with the pulp take out. Yuck! So sour!) and breathe and do homework at a leisurely pace while the sun is up. Oh yes. A week of bliss. I AIM to redesign my blog somewhere in there too, and I'll try to post some of my work so far too, so you can see why you've all been missing me so much.

Easter holidays also mean lots of rabbit- and bilby- and egg-shaped chocolate. But not peeps. Apparently, us Aussies are too classy for sugar-coated, rabbit-shaped marshmallows. One day I'll try them, guys. One day. Highly likely in front of my computer, caught on my iSight camera, for purposes of editing and uploading for the enjoyment of perfect strangers. Are you looking forward to that day as much as I am? I bet you are.

*slips slowly into panic mode as it becomes clear that there is nothing left to say, and yet no way to wrap up the post* *frets* *backs slowly away from computer* *turns and runs* *screams maniacally* *runs out of breath* *calms down* *regains composure* *walks back to computer* *takes deep breath*


I guess I'll see you next time then.

Oh and PS. Congratulations to Nat and her holbsband, who have just found out they will soon be parents of their first child! Also, go follow Nat, she writes a killer blog.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Letter to my Blog Readers [insert heart here]

Hey Guys,
So I really don't want to just make this another maintenance-style, i'm-just-writing-something-to-give-you-something-to-read kind of blog post. In all honesty, for once I have the legitimate excuse of just being way too busy to blog. I haven't even had time to miss blogging. Until now. Right now, I am sitting outside on the patio, with my MacBook Pro waiting for someone else to get home so I can get inside because I have misplaced my house key. For now this is great. But. The light is already fading, and m battery is below 50%... It should last for a good while longer, but you never know.
I should really be spending this time working on my triptych self portrait due in a week (sounds like a fair bit of time doesn't it? Not really. Time seems to go faster when you have assignments for each of your five subjects and you work both days of your weekend). Or I could be starting my final versions of my pen and ink roses for my illustration class. Or I could be researching and compiling quotes and planning my essay for my Design History class. Or I could be finalising my designs for the album covers I am supposed to hand-render for Design Practices class. Or I could be designing my stamps for Typography. Or hanging out my washing. Or practicing for our upcoming Russian-themed concert with BRYO*.
But I'm not. I'm blogging.
Man I love blogging. I just wished I loved it enough to make it a more important factor of my life. I'm just really really focused right now on getting my career started, and I'm absolutely loving the near-total immersion in graphic design (I say near-total, and not total, because I still have orchestra rehearsal and work) and I think that blogging regularly would only serve to distract me from my school work, which is currently more important.
I guess what I am trying to say is Thanks. Thank you for staying loyal to my blog when not even I am. Even when the only content I post consists largely of gushy "I love blogging and always want to blog more but never do" sentiments. Even when my level of writing dips below abismal. Thank you for being interested, even when I am not always so interesting.

I don't really have all that much to say now. At least not anything I have time to sit and think about how I want to write about and then write about. My sister just got home. Time to go inside.

I'll make an effort to be back soon. I will. If I don't feel free to bombard my twitter to remind me.

Until then.


*BRYO = Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra. I'm travelling to ShangHai as a member of BRYO in June/July for an International Youth Music Festival in celebration of ShangHai's World Expo this year. You'll probably be hearing a fair bit more about this yet.