Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I have had songs from Hairspray in my head for the past 2 days. I don't hate it, so it doesn't feel like torture, but still, it can get annoying especially since i don't actually know all the words. (i actually think that's worse.)

But yeah.

So one exciting thing that happened today was i actually danced in the Summer Rain. That's right, it was raining, it's summer, and i was dancing in the downpour. It wasn't with you though. If you'd like to dance me next time it rains in summer, i guess that can be arranged. Leave me a comment.

Also, United (our young adult youth group at church) restarts for the year tonight. I've been lazy in previous years and not bothered going (friday nights are usually the point in my week where i choose to stay in and bludge... so socialising falls by the wayside.) I'm going to commit to it this year, though. It's time I started committing to friday night things again. So, going for the 100% attendance award... you heard it here first. I'm actually looking forward to it this year.

I'm sure i had other things i wanted to mention, but they lay forgotten in the discard pile in my head. I really gotta start writing stuff down.
I feel like i should keep writing... maybe the forgotten things will surface if i just keep my fingers moving......... OH YEAH
I started a second blog. I'm doing NaNoWriMo in November, and i'm going to post my work chapter by chapter. You can find it here

Ok, i think that might be it...


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

update time

Ok, so it's tuesday. And we all know what that means.
That's right

Time for an update.

So i said last entry that i would do the Google Meme for this entry, because i was finding it really hard to think of what to write. I will do this today, but i promise it will only be this once. I find that if all a person blogs about is memes, the whole thing gets boring. I don't just want to find out standardised random info on people that may or may not have been copied from the last person. That isn't why i read blogs. I read blogs to see people in a different light, to see a side that might not ever surface otherwise.
This meme is a little different though. you actually have to do your own research to get desired results.
So here i go

I have multiple answers for all of these

Lucy needs:
- an ordinary mom (freakishly true)
- a home (i think this was referring to a kitten sharing my name)
- to be bonked o_O
- tacos (yeah...that sounds like me)

Lucy looks like:
- A Brooklyn hipster
- A Bishop
- A scary crone
- an all action hero (that one was Lucy Lawless aka Xena Warrior Princess)

Lucy says:
- I'm gonna marry Schroeder one day... (Lucy from Peanuts)
- Goodbye
- Remember the animals. (no, wait, this might have been the kitten one..?

Lucy wants:
- to do what Jessie does
- A career
- to move
- New furniture
(kinda scary that out of context, they all still sound like me)

Lucy does:
- A TV commercial (that was Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy)
- The Tango (I like the sound of that one)
- some 'splaining :P

Lucy hates:
- Cake (false)
- To leave
- My blog
- Mornings (true)

Lucy asks:
- for an opinion
- for a glass of tomato juice (...ok, i would never do that, i hate tomato juice)
- again

Lucy likes:
- is on facebook...???
- To get crazy and run back and forth in the apartment (referring again to a domestic animal of sorts)
-To flex

Lucy eats:
(these were all pretty gross)
- Bugs
- Ice
- Mealworms
- Pint of icecream

Lucy wears:
- rollerskates to a dance (oh yeah, i would so do that)
- fur (:O never)
- me out (lol :P)
- Pants (again lol :P)

Lucy was arrested for:
- watching the act and was sent to juvenile hall

Lucy loves:
- me! (lyrics from a song related in some way to The Lucy Show)
Pretty much everything that came up was related to The Lucy Show. Except this:
- Belinda ...? :-/

Ok some of that was scarily relevant, and some was completely off the mark. Try it for yourself. Post it, then post the link in the comments.

I promise next time for some actual substance to my rants. Post again Friday...
Guess i'll see you all then.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a quick note

I'm going to make this a quick one because i really need to sleep and i'm supposed to post SOMETHING today, and i don't know when else i'll have time to do this, sooo here it is. Again, no topic in mind. I really should just throw something out there, like, "Hey everyone, i just wanna know what's you're favourite childhood memory?" or "When was the last time you...?" or some random question from a random internet meme. HEyyyyy... that gives me an idea... my next post will be the Google meme that's been going around on youtube. There... i love it when i have a plan... i'm really not one for spontenaety (yeah i can't spell. so whatcha gonna doo bout it?)
Now, off to the land of dreams... Night all

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gah... i hate titles

Ok, so per my new years resolutions, I have to write a blog entry every three days (i think i said twice a week on here, but every three days is roughly the same). Problem: I have nothing to blog about today. When i first got my blog, i was getting cool ideas left, right and centre, but i didn't want to flood the page with every tiny little thing i had to say, so i restrained myself... I also didn't want to exhaust myself by over-blogging, then getting sick of it and never blogging again. So, while the idea of blogging every three days seems fairly achieveable, it kind of sucks when everything you want to write about sounds so whiny and annoying. I'm not a negative person in real life. I try to see the best in everything, and so if all i do here is whine, that's not really an accurate picture of who i am.

On another topic, I have scented highlighters :D the pink one smells like strawberries.

Yay for tangents.

I think, maybe because of the length of my last post, i've put a little too much pressure on myself to write a really long entry every time. I don't need to do that, and i don't think it would be readable for you guys either.

Uh, I think this might be enough. Will write again in three days, and i PROMISE i will think of something Mildly interesting to talk about. :)

BYE FOR NOW ~~waves~~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Post you've all been waiting for

So I think I promised to blog about the Melbourne Trip/Wedding thingy... here goes

The days running up to the trip had me in doubt that I would have any chance of enjoying the trip. Apparently, though, this was just the stress of preparing for the trip that was causing tension. We did eventually get everything ready and packed into the car by about nine-thirty pm. Then, we hit the hay.

5am wake the next day; we ate egg on toast and fried tomato for breakfast with tea and juice. After finishing food and showering, we were ready to leave. 6am, we hit the road. I'm not going to go into the tedious recount of every individual stop on the way, mainly because I can't remember them all. Basically, the first day nothing of GREAT interest happened, but it was exciting nonetheless, simply because we were finally on the way. We drove all day, making stops to rest and eat, and reached Gilgandra by 5pmish, daylight saving time. We wanted to go for a swim in the local pool, but by the time we got there, it was closed :( . So instead, we got dinner at the RSL, and went back to the motel. We watched a couple of programs on cable TV, but it got boring after a while, so we went to sleep.

Woke up 6am to get going again, except 6am felt like 5am, because us Queenslanders aren't used to daylight savings. Kept driving for a few hours, before we passed through Parkes. This is, if you are unaware, the home of The Dish. The Dish is an old Aussie movie about Australia's part in making the 1969 moon landing happen. It's part historical documentary and part comedy. But yeah, so we saw the dish in real life. It's pretty big. Keep an eye out, I'll upload photos after this. We got some souvenirs - I bought a pin to add to my collection, and I got a coin stamped too :) . Then, we hit the road again. Driving for hours, we finally reached Derrinal (the holiday home in central Victoria) at around seven-thirty pm. We unpacked our stuff, cooked barbecued sausages, steak and potatoes and relaxed before bed. The sun didn't actually set until about 9:30pm, which is really freaking late, but it gave us a while to enjoy the surroundings. The setting was really beautiful. There were animals everywhere. Cockatoos, Corellas, and even a mob of roos.
Anyhow, we got into bed around 10pmish, and we were up again at 6. We dressed in our wedding attire, and were on the road to Melbourne by 8am. It took us over 2 hours in the car to reach the church where the wedding was to be held. We were a little early, so we got some extra breakfast at the closest McDonalds we could find. We got back to the church just after 11, which gave us enough time to run through the song a few times. Then, with another half an hour to spare, my sister and I went to do our makeup. Then it was time for the wedding. Most weddings I have been to barely lasted a half hour, but this one ran well over an hour. They didn't miss out a thing, and they attributed and dedicated everything to God (instead of the Commonwealth of Australia, which they do at secular weddings) which somehow made everything so much more sincere. Anyway, our item went well. So did the rest of the ceremony. First time I saw the groom dip the bride for the kiss, and first time i saw the bridal party including bride and groom dance down the aisle at the end. It was definitely different, and I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it.
The next fun adventure was what to do in the 5 hours between the Wedding and the reception. Well, what else does one do in Melbourne? SHOPPING at Chadstone Shopping Mall :) . We had to buy gifts for the bride and groom anyway, so we went to Myer's first to pick something off the registry. After that, we proceeded to get lost in the endless miles of shopping heaven. I ended up buying a heavily reduced pair of sunglasses from Witchery, which was a major score. XD. We were all dying from exhaustion by the end of it. We got to the reception a little early, so we had time to change into more 'party' clothes. We proceeded to enjoy some more persistent late sunlight and got some photos. Then we went inside and found our seats for dinner. We were at a table with a whole heap of other people who'd also come down from Brisbane, but most of whom were smart enough to fly down. We all hit it off straight away. So amidst all the talking and eating, speeches happened, and before we knew it, it was time for the cutting of the cake and dancing. While the dancing started with the new couple, and progressed to parents, the bridal party and then to everyone, the highlight for me was probably the dance battle that happened a little later. Girls vs Boys*. It was pretty fun. I've been to weddings before where i'd expected there to be dancing, and there wasn't, so it was good not to be dissapointed for once. The last part of the night, we bid the new bride and groom farewell, and the bride threw her bouquet. She had untied it so that everyone could catch a rose, which was really lovely.
Around 11:30pm, it was time to go home. We left the party, dropped our friend at her hotel, and proceeded to get onto the wrong freeway before finally making our way back to the holiday home, which we reached at approximately 2:45am. You know that inky blue colour that the sky goes just before it starts to turn light? The sky was already that colour by the time we got there. We went straight to bed.

We didn't leave until a little later the next morning. We all needed a few extra minutes lie-in. So we left at around 8:30am. I opted to sleep in the back, while the others shared the driving, until we reached Echuca. Here, we found a cute little chocolate shop, and we visited the famous Beechworth Bakery for morning tea. I got a meringue worm called a zoomer, and a pink lamington called a Dame Edna (!?). Will post photos. Shane enjoyed a pie that was half pie, half quiche, and a vanilla slice, while Danielle bought a Steak and Kidney pie, and a really nice dessert that I can't remember the name of. After finishing our food, and enjoying our view of the Campaspe (said Kemp-see) river, we got a photo of the funny old horse & coach that was passing us. Then we continued on our journey, and I went back to sleep. I awoke after we had made a wrong turn, and get completely lost on a random dirt road. We were about to turn around and go back, when a nice couple in a 4WD came along, and lead us to the next highway that would connect us back onto our original route. We stopped to thank them, and then found a petrol station where we cleaned off all the dust that was kicked up while we were following them. We proceeded to continue driving, then for dinner we stopped in Dubbo for a huge meal of steak and chips. I have a photo of that somewhere too, which I took in an attempt to make my dad jealous (he's very fond of steak and mushroom sauce). Then we drove back to Gilgandra, and stayed the night.

Monday, our last travelling day, we had the luxury of waking up a little later than we had the rest of the time. The driving time was shorter, so we took a little longer. When we got started, i got a call from Mum. We updated her on everything while we looked for a McDonalds to eat some proper breakfast (i know right? fat chance). We ended up eating at and eatery called "Eat It" which served an all day breakfast. Shane and Danielle got the Big Breakfast, while I opted for a chicken burger with the lot. I have a photo of myself trying to eat this burger... and practically breaking my jaw trying to open my mouth wide enough. :O Later that afternoon, we stopped off in Moree to go for a swim. Apart from that, no touristy things done today... just held up by the excitement of getting home and sleeping in our own beds. We did get there eventually though. It was exciting crossing the border back into Queensland, and regaining the hour we had lost on Thursday. (Stupid daylight saving time >:@)
When we eventually did arrive home, I went to my room and discovered that the walls were now blue. This made me happy. :).

*I think I have video footage of this somewhere, but no promises, I don't even know about the quality

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes indeedy i am.
Just felt the compulsion to write a blog entry. Actually the cumpulsion came from the fact that one of my new years resolutions was to blog twice weekly, and apart from the photos i've posted from my camera (they don't count) i don't think i've done quite that much. Also, part of this cumpulsion came from me feeling like i should probably explain the very sporadic, disjointed flow of pictures and bite size blog entries flowing onto the page from my phone.

Anyhow, whatever the reason, i'm going to be blogging over this year at least twice weekly. My other NYR's include:
  • Vlogging once weekly (not including non-vlog videos)
  • Write a journal entry every day
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) in November
  • Read 50 Books (25 fiction, 25 nonfiction)
  • Finish all started projects before the end of the year. List these, and check off.

Also, just to note, i got to about Game 11 or 12 of freecell before i got bored. So much for that timewaster. Meh, i have plenty of other wonderful ways to waste my time.

Next blog topic: The wedding in Melbourne - i don't feel like doing this update right now, i'm tired and i feel like there's too much to say, so if i attempt to do it now, there's no way i'll do it any justice.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ok... What?

How is this 8:30pm!? What's going on? I wish daylight savings would leave my poor tired brain alone :(

This was at the reception. Really nice place, but my body clock was telling me "it's 7:30" while the sun was telling me "naawww it's 5:30"... stoopid DST

Melbourne trip update

So it's 6:30pm and we've been driving nearly 12 hours (with breaks, of course) eta for Melbourne is 7:15, fingers crossed. The highlight so far has been seeing the Dish (the one from the classic Aussie movie about the contribution we made to the 69 moonlanding - aptly named 'The Dish') at Parkes. Another minor highlight was when I got to drive across both the QLD/NSW and NSW/VIC state borders. Yay for insignificant experiences. The rest of the time, I spent reading the second half of Twilight and spotting cows, sheep, emus, kangaroos and even roadkill. Yes. That is how boring it is. Sadly, we've seen more dead roos than live ones, but apparantly, at least according to farmers they've become somewhat of a pest. So much for preserving our national faunal emblem.... I'm probably going to read back through this when I get home and completely rewrite it. I'm just entertaining myself now. There's really nothing else to do. I might sleep, actually.

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I love it when bailey gets teased :)

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye, bedroom

I'm looking forward to coming back to pale blue walls and brand spankin new curtains... Hopefully...

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


So after being taunted by fake rainclouds the day before, now the sky does this >:@

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