Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have a serious problem

I can't seem to focus on a single creative task for more than a couple of days at a time. At best. My stupidly eratic creative mind gets bored very quickly. Before I've even had a chance to find the time to execute the original creative plan, I've had another three ideas. These subsequent ideas may or may not necessarily be better, but at the time they always seem more exciting. And so, the original idea dies before it begins.

Those among us who have in the past experienced Severe Creative Blockitis (it's a real condition... or at the very least if it isn't, it should be) or who may currently be suffering from it are probably thinking "What the heck is this girl's problem? Too many ideas is not a problem! Not enough ideas is a problem!". To those people I say, you're probably right. Too many ideas is less bad than not enough ideas. It only becomes a problem when I can't contain them all. A point which I passed a long time ago...

So, if you're the creative type, or are in any way creatively inclined, what do you suggest? What are some techniques for getting the most out of my ideas? What do you do when your brain is creating at ten times the possible speed of the execution of the idea?

To stop myself finishing on an open-ended question, here's a picture of

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