Wednesday, March 30, 2011

List of things I love: Part the Second

I know I said that this was going to be my Wednesday thing, but I am quite a forgetful person. I'll catch up eventually.

It has come to my attention not so recently that I start a lot of my sentences/paragraphs with the word "so".

So there's that...

To the LIST!

11. Harry Potter
12. Tumblr
13. Chronicles of Narnia (currently starting The Last Battle. It has taken me so long to get around to doing this. EXCITING!)
14. When a little bird comes and just chills on my bedroom window sill in the morning. Just minding his or her* own business.
15. Hans Zimmer's work. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but it's worth another mention, just to ensure that it is here on this list.
16. The Corrs. Irish-pop band who were big from the mid-nineties to the early naughties. Still love every little bit of music they have released to date**
17. Sitting down after a long day with a book and a cup of tea and some relaxing music.
18. The way the sun shines on dewy grass in the morning. I like this especially when it is still misty. There's just something magical about it, and when you're not a morning person like I am not, that extra little bit of magic helps
19. Finally getting a passage of music right after practicing it and screwing it up a million times.
20. Getting excited about nerdy things, be it the release of the latest HP movie***, or an awesome teefury t-shirt design.

*It's a bird, guys. How am I supposed to find out its gender? I mean, really...
**Including the solo releases of both Andrea Corr and Sharon Corr. Don't tell the others, but those two are my favourite.
***Super stoked for the next one btw. The first promo poster came out for it today. Excitement levels through the roof.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movies to watch this year.

I just need to make one of these lists. So many awesome movies I haven't seen and really need to see. Will probably save them for the winter months because everybody knows winter is the best time for watching movies. It's too damn hot in summer to sit down on a couch for a couple of hours in front of a screen. No. Summer is night-time-stroll season. Winter is curl-up-under-the-blankets-and-watch-movies-with-a-cup-of-cocoa season. But, I digress. TO THE LIST

1 Inception. I know, I know. What kind of Hans Zimmer* fan am I if I haven't even seen this one?
2 Avatar. The one with the blue people. Not the last airbender one. I hear the latter is really crap.
3 Tangled. I've seen the first hour, but I was watching online, and it cut me off. I hear the lantern sequence is the best scene in the film.
4 Sherlock Holmes (the one starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law)
5 The King's Speech
6 Black Swan
7 Slumdog Millionaire

Can you tell I don't get out to the movies much?

That's all I can think of right now. Got any suggestions for me? Or movies that everyone else but you has seen, that you really need to see? Or even, anything you've seen that has an incredible soundtrack? Soundtrack is a big thing for me, and can sometimes be the make-or-break factor of my liking the movie.
This list is bound to grow. I just need to keep track of these amazing

Also, I feel like this blog is turning into a place for me to dump all my lists. I hope that's ok, and if it isn't I don't care.

I might add in an update every now and then, but it's kind of handy having somewhere to keep my lists.

*Still a pretty huge one, considering the ever-rising play count of the Pirates: At World's End soundtrack.
Current plays: between 50 and 66
(this isn't completely accurate as it's been a few weeks since I plugged in my iphone for an update. I assure you there are plenty of plays on there too)
Most played track: Up Is Down
(fairly sure this is accurate though. Favourite track/theme of the score)

List of things I love: Part the First

I've decided to make a definitive list of all the things in life that I love, or love to do, or that make me happy. It's going to be an ongoing thing. I'll try to do ten things each time I post, and I will try to make these posts weekly. So this will be my wednesday thing.

Here we go.

List of things I love, part 1

1 Pokemon Cards
2 Playing the violin
3 Awesome people
4 The Internet
5 Internet Memes
6 Youtube
7 Tumblr
8 Twitter
9 Facebook
10 Expressing myself creatively

Since this is the inaugural post, the initial list items will be mostly generic things. Hopefully, as we go on, the items will become more and more obscure. I like to think it will encourage me to appreciate the little things.

Also, maybe, it might encourage me to come on here more often to share my life with you lovely people. I really hope that is the case.

<3 you all