Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ha HAA I made it

Only just in time too...

I'll make this quick, for i work in the morning.

I've had this window open for hours now, intending to write another wonderful blog post for you all, but like everything else, i've procrastinated to the best of my ability. It's one of the symptoms of LazyBug.

Nothing of any real significance to talk about. Just blogging so 1) I don't break the habit...again, and 2) to assure you guys that i haven't fallen off the face of the earth, and am, in fact, still alive... though goodness knows what you guys must have thought before...

/train of thought.

Definitely time for bed. I will be posting tomorrow, and I already have a topic. I can't tell you what it is until tomorrow though, so you'll just have to wait.

Good night all :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

So... It's time...

For me to post again. Seriously i think the only way i'm gonna kill this laziness bug is just by doing it. I keep thinking about blogging, and wondering what I should blog about, and then promising to write about it when i get home, but then, you know, life happens. Or I just forget. Both are true.

So, instead of a boring recount of days past that you've all missed out on thanks to this lazybug* I'm going to think up a whole heap of small, unrelated things to talk about.

1. Pokemon.
As you all know, I've been rewatching the pokemon mo
vies. I am up to movie 8 (I actually skipped seven on account of the fact that it is literally nowhere to be found... at least not on eBay...) titled "Lucario, and the Mystery of Mew". This is not going to be a movie review... merely a few observations I have made about these movies in general:
a) Jessie and James, the main villains in the TV series, always seem to take on the roll of Comic Relief in the films. It's like, they're bad most of the time, but for the movies there is always someone badder who just HAPPENS to coincide with the annual movie.
b) The Laws of Physics don't seem to apply in Pokemon Land/World/Thing. Ok, this we already knew, i know, but it just seems so much more prevalent in the movies.
New Laws of Physics include:
- Tears fix everything
- The ecosystem in which the pokemon live will always attempt to spontaneously (I want to say combust, but i know that isn't the right word...) die...? for want of a better word... And Ash and his friends will always manage to save it somehow. Actually, it seems pretty tribally ritualistic, in that at least 3 times now Pokemon have had to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. This brings me to my 3rd point
c) The plotlines always suck. But the cuteness levels ALWAYS make up for it. For example, in this movie, you know that the 2 armies are moving in to attack each other. You know the Palace is caught between them, and you know that, apparently, destruction is imminent. What you don't know is: WHO are these armies? WHY are they fighting? WHY the heck isn't the princess TRYING to stop it, instead of insisting on matyring herself? Come to think of it, why wasn't something done earlier? Did the princess just forget about the political unrest concerning her Kingdom (or to be politically correct, her PRINCESSdom) and sleep in? Did she book a facial and pedicure when she was supposed to meet with rulers of the surrounding kingdoms (sorry,
RULERdoms, we don't want to discriminate here) to discuss a peace treaty? I know, I probably
just spoiled it for you all, but take it from me, PLOTwise, it was weak anyway. You're missing nothing. On the other hand, how can you NOT think this CUTE?

OK That's about enough of THAT.

I'm thinking of starting videos again. I have a few ideas, but again, this LazyBug, it seems to have affected more than one of my creative areas. As i've been working more of late, this has left less and less time for me to actually DO creative things, but as work can be boring at times, I find myself THINKING about creative things a lot. I have tonnes of things I want to do. I want to paint enough for a solo exhibition, I want to draw my own Graphic Novel, I want to write and record some songs (although to be honest, not really much creative flow currently in that area... Still in drought, I believe), and I want to film and edit some videos. As well as Blog Like A Lunatic. So, lots of creative things to do, and not much time to do them in. HOWEVER, now, as i am back to my 4-days-a-week of work, my spare time will begin to rise once again. Don't get me wrong, my bank balance really loved the extra day of work, but my immune system and body clock, as well as the part of me that feels compelled to be creative, all seemed to hate it pretty intensly. They're not so mad now though. The promise of more sleep and more time has quelled the anger... at least for now.

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand THAT'S ALL FOLKS
I am really sorry, I kinda wanted this to be MUCH longer, but that is all I really have time for, and my fingers are kinda weary from typing, and also it's late and I have things to do tomorrow.

Hey, did i mention I'm saving for a car? I didn't? well, I'M SAVING FOR A CAR, everybody!! YEEah!! I'm not doing especially well so far, but i'm working on the whole concept of maximum output and minimum expenditure, like NOT buying my lunch every day from the food court, and instead, bringing a packet of soup powder and a slice of bread from home... Not there yet, but I'll get there. Nearly @ $2000 so far. Need more than that (obviously) for a GOOD car... but apparently if you're a new driver, and you're driving a NEW car, you have to pay that much annually - wait for it - JUST for insurance. So although I wanted a bright shiny NEW car, apparently** now I must settle for a tin box on wheels. For a few years, until I have an improved rating. Trouble is, by that point I may not be able to afford a nice car, with bills and rent and food and petrol and everything else one must consider when living on ones own (not that I do yet, I merely assume that I will be in a few years time).

Also, I've remembered 2 more things worthy of a QUICK mention:
1) Today, that is, Monday the 22nd of June, is World Wide Knit In Public Day. Did you know that? I failed to knit in public today, though, due to working in daylight hours. I pledge to do it next year though :)
2) My hair is orange. Actually, it's really only red-brown, but because it had a lightner in the stuff, my hair is much lighter comparitively, and so it APPEARS to be orange. I'm still not used to it either. I keep getting really mixed feedback too, everyone at work loves it, while my sisters now fondly call me a carrot top. I still not sure what to think about it. I like it sometimes, but then I just feel like grabbing a few bottles of Chocolate brown and dying it back to my old colour.
I'll post a photo soon, and you guys can tell me what you think :)

Ok. Now, I'm REALLY going.
And I WILL blog again tomorrow. Tomorrow, the day of no work and free time and all things fluffy and cute... like Mime#Jr. :P

Yeah. I know. GOING.


*I have determined this is the correct scientific name for the condition. If you don't believe me, just ask any one of my bosses - They're all qualified Pharmacists. They'll verify it for you before you even utter the first syllable. Yes. Yes they will.
**Yes I realise I overuse that word. I personally am comfortable with this fact. Are you? Ask yourself.