Friday, December 26, 2008

Time wasters

Ok, so i know this is my third post for today, but i feel like i'm on a bit of a roll, so, i figure, why not?


I've figured out a brand new way of wasting time... Well, it's not brand new, my dad and i embarked on such a quest many years ago, but it fell by the wayside. So i'm going to bring it to the surface again.

Our objective was to find out if all the Freecell games (all 32000 of them) were winable. Now, they might be, but we wanted to find out for ourselves.
There's another reason why i wanted to find such a time waster - because i spend all the time i am on the computer on Youtube, and while this might not seem like a bad thing, i keep getting blamed for overusing our insufficient 12GB a month of download data, making the internet run at dial up speed for the last week of the month. Of course, in a family my size, i don't do this single-handedly but i still get blamed. Not fair, but unfortunately i have to live with this.
So, my whole point with that was that I really need a distraction that doesn't involve using soooo much download quota... which is why this is perfect. It won't use internet at all.

I will keep you all posted as to my progress.

Maybe i will make a goal to play all the games in a year... let's see, 32000 divided by 365 equals.... approximately 88 games a day. oook. Maybe i'll give myself a little longer than that... and i may need to recruit some help.

Anyone who wants to help me achieve this goal is welcome to play along, just post in the comments which games you have won (note: you have to win the game for it to count).
I'll be starting at Game 00001 so, if you're going to join in, start at Game 1001, or Game 2401, or something like that... just to minimise double ups.

Anyone who wins 100 games for me earns the award for awesome procrastination.

Get Gaming


Ok, so i was a little off on the calculations... Last time my dad and i tried this, there were 32000 available games... now, the version i have is telling me that there are 1000000 games... i'm going to need more help than i thought...

If you can make it to 1000 games, you become a master of awesome procrastination, and you earn my respect for all eternity.

Make it to 2000 and i'll love you forever :)

random quizzy thingy

I remember back in the days of High school when everyone sent those email quizzes around, where you had to answer all the questions and fwd to everyone in your inbox. I think most people just use myspace for it now, but i was reading Mememolly's blog, and I found this one in particular quite intruiging.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fourth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

Here's what my book said:
"I do," Kitty said, with a stubborn lift of her chin.

And so that was Christmas...

So, Christmas has officially been over here for approximately nine and a half hours (meaning it's boxing day at nine-thirty in the morning) I know it's still Christmas somewhere in the world, but for about half the world's population, it's now over. This year was pretty good. Nothing too terrible to complain about, but then again, nothing overly exciting or memorable happened either.
Pretty much all i have to share with you guys now about the best day of the year is the presents recieved by myself and the family in general (because those ones are 1/7th mine)

I'm going to put this into list form just to make it easier for myself... and you too.

  • Lots of clothes :) (stuff that i actually like too)

  • Hard candies, Cookies and Lindt balls in cookies and cream flavour (yeah, they have that now)

  • 2 books: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Road To Paradise by Paullina Simons (I promise book reviews when I'm done)

  • Box of 4 Photo Frames

  • A Tool Set :)

  • About 5 CD's: The Most Beautiful Music Ever Vol2 (3CD set), Your Name by GCCC, and Celtic Psalms

  • A new pair of thongs (that's flip flops to you american readers)

  • Anticipate Intense fragrance :) smells really yummy!

  • A Calendar featuring the world's cutest dogs.

  • (from work) A piccolo of Riccadonna Sweet Italian Sparkling Wine, and a $100 gift card! (ps. they gave us all one of these. I know, generous, right? I'm so lucky to work where I work)

Now for the Shared Gifts:

  • A Ping Pong Table (that's table tennis for those of you playing at home)

  • A Nintendo Wii. YAY!!! This is going to be the longest appreciated gift of them all, I can tell :P Games include the Wii sports game that came with the console, Playground, and Wall.E

So I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day... if you're still enjoying it, then i hope it continues to be merry for you and all those around you.

Next, I suppose we're off to the New year. Bring on 2009! XD

Have a good one, guys :)

PS. Really annoyed at the cat right now. She woke me up, now she is asleep on my bed while i can't get back to sleep :(

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Just a short message to wish all my readers a happy christmas, and a blessed, fun filled new year!

2009 is destined to be made of awesome!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Creative Machine - A christmas assortment

Ok, so i have about a thousand things i want to blog/ramble on about.
Let's get started shall we?

PART 1 - Performing and Fun.
Should these things go hand in hand? I was thinking about this the other day while at work, because, well, what else is my brain supposed to do for 8 hours? So i assessed the requirement for an element of fun in performance. Here's my summary:
OK, So you want the audience to enjoy your performance? Then enjoy yourself. Plain and simple, right? You can't expect people to enjoy themselves if you insist on a rigid, serious, performance. There is a certain amount of showmanship that one must show in order to deliver a good performance. There has to be a level of emotion in what you are putting across that your audience can relate to.
BUT you don't want to overdo it. I've seen this done on occasion. One particular year in a choir competition, the last choir to perform did a show-choir rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody (yes, i can hear your screams of terror from here). When they reached the guitar solo in the middle of the song, i kid you not, the WHOLE CHOIR was jumping up and down on the rises playing air-guitar. This is an example of OTT fun in performance. I suppose the key thing to remember is that fun is ok, but sacrificing quility of performace for the sake of having fun is not. Fun should enhance your performance, not overtake it or ruin it.

PART 2 - My Favourite Things - A Christmas Carol?
Another thing i was reduced to thinking about while at work. I work in a pharmacy in a Shopping Centre. The only thing we have to listen to in the way of music are the christmas carols being churned out over the PA system. This is where i got confused... one of the song i heard was "My Favourite things" from The Sound Of Music... They never play this song at any other time of year, just around christmas; and yet, the story of The Sound Of Music has nothing to do with Christmas, and neither have the lyrics been altered to channel any form of Christmas-specific cheer... this is what i like to call Lazy Playlisting. The people in charge of the Centre Playlist, even though there is an endless assortment of ACTUAL christmas carols to choose from, got too lazy to think of anything better to include, and just said, 'yeah, chuck it in, it's close enough'. Evidently said people have never seen The Sound Of Music. Ok, so while most people can't tell the difference, I can. And it bugs me. Just thought I'd share.

PART 3 - Bus Rides
So this is pretty high on my list of reasons why it sucks not to have my license yet.
Did you ever hop on a bus and choose a seat that you thought would be a nice, quiet spot only to have a bunch of rowdy teens hop on just before the bus leaves the station and break the peaceful solitude that you had hoped to enjoy? So much for a peaceful ride home.... ~grumbles~

PART 4 - Christmas Presents
So we're currently about 6 days out from christmas, and i have barely started my shopping. Now, buying presents should be fun, right? Not when you're trying to save every penny for an interstate trip for a friend's January wedding. I have money, but i feel like i'm broke. I could make everyone something, right? 6 days... i might have left it a bit late... So it looks like i'm reduced to buying cheap stuff again. Note to self: be a little more prepared next year please, you got yourself into this mess, don't let it happen again.

I think that's enough for now. I'm sure if you're still reading this (if you are, you're a real trooper, i commend you) you must be sick of my tiresome ramblings by now. I just had to get them out of my system. There's bound to be more where this came from though...

Next time: Pet hates of a Retail Assistant

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was thinking about sugar the other day. You hear about it all the time nowadays. Some scientist has discovered another reason why it's detrimental to your health, there's a million reasons why you should avoid sugar in vast quantities of your daily intake, and let's not forget the real sugar vs sweetners debate.

But no matter what people say about sugar, there is one thing that will always be true. I can't live without sugar. I am a sweet tooth. 100%. If there is a sweet option over savoury or spicy or sour or whatever, i will always opt for sweetness.

I don't understand Sour lollies. Sour worms and Sour gummies... what's the point? They strike me as the most indecisive lollies out there. "I can't decide whether I want to eat something sweet or something sour, so i'll just have both". Kind of pointless, but i thought i'd mention it.

Anyway... the thing that got me thinking about all this was a book I saw featured in Big W (great source, i know) called Sweet Poison. I'm not sure who it was by, but i'm sure they're evil. Basically, the book makes the claim that sugar is not only fattening, but really really detrimental to your health. This makes me depressed. Surely something that makes you feel so good can't be so bad, can it? I can't understand this at all. Sugar is one of my primary dietary necessities, without which i couldn't live... or at the very least, exist at a sub-standard level.

Let's be realistic here, people. I don't think i'm alone here. I think there are many other people out there who regard sugar with the same level of esteem as I (shush, i'm allowed to not make sense at this hour >:( ) and who are just as unprepared to give up such a dominant factor of their diet, just because of some scientific claim that it's now not only not good for us, but apparantly really really bad.

You know i think the reason that we continue to consume sugar at such a high quantity is that we know it's bad for us. That's what makes it sooooo goooooooood. ~drools~

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So I figure that since blogging seems to be the done thing by the vast online community, maybe it's time I joined in. So, no idea how this is going to go, but what the heck.

My name is Lucy, I'm 19, I live in Brisbane, Australia and I'm really not much more interesting than that. (Convinced that you should continue reading yet? :P)

I actually have work in about 8 1/2 hours, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. There is a fair bit more to know about me, but that will have to wait until i have the time to elaborate.

In the meantime, check out my youtube channel: and add me on twitter: (are you detecting a recurring theme? :P)

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