Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I really do love you...

It just occurred to me that I might be turning into one of those people who customizes their blog more often than they update it. This simply will not do. SO here you go; a decent-sized chunk of genuine content JUST for you <3

There are a few things I've been wanting to share with you guys, starting with just how much I love you all. I decided to get the sappy one out of the way first XD. It's true, though. You guys keep me coming back here to share stuff with you and include you in my life. Granted, not as often as you or I might wish, but still. I wouldn't be here typing this post to you all right now if this wasn't how I felt.
I cop a lot of flack for being the kind of person who'd rather spend time online relating to people on the other side of the world than spend it relating to people right here face to face. I defend myself for this though. While my social awkwardness has something to do with my preference to spend time alone on the net, largely, that's not what keeps me online for so long. Parties rarely keep me up past midnight - I bail early because they don't excite me. Online, however, over this past year (I think it's been about a year now) since I have started getting into Youtube and became a Nerdfighter (YAY my first nerdfighter anniversary :D) I've developed friendships with people who live in places I'd never even heard of, I collaborate with some of them now on our own youtube channel, I've read many books highly recommended by other nerdfighters and really enjoyed them, and I feel closer to some of these people than I do to some friends irl. I honestly can't think of a single bad thing that has happened to me caused by the internet over the past year*, whereas real life has dealt me a great many blows. I won't share details here, but pretty much every single one of them were caused by, or could have been prevented by my mother. Translation: I need to move out. /whining.
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to you guys, since while life has been a roller coaster, this is one part of my life which hasn't changed, and it's been like a lifeline at times for me. Thankfully, this roller coaster we call life is currently on the up-and-up, which means I may be loosening my grip a little on the lifeline, now that things aren't so dire.
It feels so funny to write this though... I almost feel bad for relying on the internet so much to get me through. Not because you guys haven't been completely dependable for a quick pick-me-up when life switches the suck switch on. More that, it illustrates to me just how much I haven't been relying on God for these things. I mean, I guess I blame my mum for bad stuff that happens as a result of her actions, but if I had depended more on God through those times, maybe my actions wouldn't have fanned the flame to quite the extent that they did. There's no point in fretting over past mistakes though. The only thing I can do now is learn from these mistakes and grow. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to desert y'all. You'll just be getting less of the i'm-so-down-and-need-to-cheer-up-so-cheer-me-up-internet me and more of the HEY-EVERYONE-HOWS-IT-GOING-I'M-SO-HAPPY-AND-FULL-OF-LIFE me. Which is a good thing. :D

Moving on.

Currently, I am working on my portfolio to get into the Diploma of Graphic Design course I've been wanting to get into for next year. It's due next Friday, so I'm flat out getting everything done, but I reckon I can pull it all together. It's all pretty much planned out now, and all I have to do is now do it, pretty much. Just so you guys know what I'm up to and where I'm at.
There is something else I wanted to mention while I am here. If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll be aware that a few months ago (oh gosh it's been that long already?!) I mentioned that I was working on a SEKRIT PROJECT. Well, the time is coming closer for me to announce it to you all :D so keep watching this space for more details.

To take us out, I've decided to kill the possibility of an awkward, drawn-out sign off by posting some little post-by-post... thingies... I actually have no idea what they're called, but they look like this:

Posts left until 100: 1 (nearly there!)
Bible verse of the moment: Isaiah 54:4 - inspirational
Days until portfolio is due: 10 (eeek!)

*well, other than videos not uploading or getting yelled at for using up our monthly download quota by halfway through the month - it turns out that while that might have been partly my fault, it happened the next month after like, 3 days. It's impossible to watch that much YT in that short amount of time, and no one else was downloading anything big... so we concluded that someone close by was leeching our wireless. We fixed the problem, though, and had no more trouble since. Did you enjoy that pointless tangent-like anecdote? Did you? :P

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Microblogging from the tearoom

It's lunchtime folks! That means time for another microblog!
So, what shall I talk about? Of all the topics that affect people on a daily basis, which shall I select to disect and inspect? :P*

Well, first, I'm going to give you one big fat excuse for my lack of presence here in this lovely little online community. It's this thing called life. From being too sick to sit infront of a computer, to being occupied for every waking hour of my day, life has this way of overiding my necessity to jump online and share stuff with you guys. It's not that I don't still love you all, it's that I'd have nothing to tell you if I didn't go out once in a while and actually live :).
Having said that, you should know my next video for SM is filmed, I just need to edit and upload. I will endeavour to do this as soon as I can, life permitting.

Ok my lunchtime has just about come to an end, so I'll be seeing you all soon! Love you all, and I haven't forgotten you, it'll get there eventually...


Posts until I reach 100: 2 (sweeeeet ^_^)

*wow, I'm a poet and I didn't even realise the fact :P

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Friday, October 2, 2009

I guess I owe you guys some 'me' time

One of the joys of having an iPhone is that I can freely blog from my bed at any obscene hour, even while I should be sleeping. So, since I haven't posted properly in forever, here I am.
A lot of you will be aware that I have been sick of late. It has been rather unfun, and plenty frustrating. One thing I now know about myself is that I am terrible at being sick. I hate calling in sick, I hate lying in bed all day, although I don't mind letting people make me tea and breakfast in bed - that, I could get used to :). I hate taking medicine, being told to take it easy, and to get well soon. I hate it even more when all these things don't work, and I end up taking weeks to get better. I'm mostly better now. It turns out sleeping all day is one of he best things you can do while sick. I know, I already said I hate lying in bed all day, but I don't mind sleeping all day. 2 different things. Lying in bed consists of attempting to sleep for hours and failing miserably, resulting in a failure to escape consiousness and in turn, escape the reality of being sick. Sleeping all day, on the other hand, is bliss, because it serves not only as the best cure, but the best escape :)
Moving on... I'm going to take a minute or two to talk about all he awesome tv watching I've been doing whilst incapacitated. Tuesday night was the long-awaited return of NCIS. If you know me well, you'll know this is my current favourite show. Season 7 episode 1 blew my mind. All I'm gonna say. I love that show, and that episode was just... Wow... What can I say? Wednesday night was the premiere of a new spinoff series, NCIS LA. I like the characters, but it has a way to go before it can sit up there next to NCIS on my list of favourite shows. I haven't written it off, it's just too early for me to love these characters and in turn enthuse these plotlines (w00t 2am grammar) as much as I do the original series. I will say this for it though: the characters are built strong and even the toughtest among them seem lovable enough. The one thing that did confuse me was the lack of presence from Macy, who was team leader when the characters made an appearance in the original series before the spinoff. I know there has been a big gap in between, a location change of HQ and such, but I just can't see why she wasn't there.
ANYway, Tonight was Thursday, which meant Glee. We in Australia just got episode 3, so that puts us it 2 weeks behind you guys in the states? It was the josh groban episode... Anyway, awesome as always. That was the only show I intended to watch tonight, but the tv stayed on for some reason, and we ended up watching burn notice as well. It has been forever since I watched that show, but it never fails to disappoint. (1 p? 2? ah who knows? For that matter, who cares?)

Ok I might stop there. A huge long post on little other than my tv habits... I need a life. Or do I? With so much awesome tv to watch, who needs a life?
Ignore that. It's the cough medicine speaking, I swear. I'll hopefully be back to normal soon.

Posts left until I reach 100: 3


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