Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sketchbook Project

I found THIS blog a few days ago, and have been using it since as a cure for boredom in this first week back at work after the Christmas break. Since most other companies we deal with are still on holidays, including our own Melbourne office, there really isn't much at all to keep me busy.

Anika, the artist/author of the blog, participated in this little thing called the Sketchbook Project. I'd heard of it before, and always wanted to take part so this morning, whilst looking for more ways to cure my boredom (since I finished reading every last post on her blog yesterday) I impulsively headed over to and signed up. I limited myself to just ordering the book, although I was tempted to go for the $75 digitisation and final artbook pre-order package. I may get the book later though, and I'm perfectly capable of digitising the book myself.

Gotta be honest with you. I'm quietly nervous, and just a little bit excited. Before this, I've never shared my art in this way. Now, my art will forever be archived in the Brooklyn Art Library with thousands of other fantastic artists. It may never be seen by anyone ever again, but then again, it might be. Point is, it'll be there.

I'll be posting some ideas I have and progress pics once the sketchbook arrives. Can't wait! *eek* Leave a comment if you're the arty type and will be filling up a sketchbook too. I'd love some company on what is sure to be a bumpy ride :3