Friday, May 22, 2009

I, uh, well, my... dog ate it?

Ok, but seriously. No excuses. Not from me. The lack of posting here has been a result not of circumstances beyond my control, but of sheer laziness. I have been putting this off for DAYS*. Heck, I still owe you guys of my birthday play-by-play. I will do that now. :)

Firstly, i woke up, and spent my morning on twitter. That part you guys already know. I also recieved a birthday phone call from my dad and hung out my waiting pile of washing. Then, a little later in the day Mum took me out for lunch, where we bought obscene amounts of delicious food that we couldn't finish and subsequently took home in little doggy-bags. Then we browsed the shops for a little while, Mum bought me some nice jewellery as a present, and then we rushed home and I got ready for work in a huge screaming hurry**. 

Work itself wasn't bad at all. Working on your birthday has the potential to completely ruin the day (I know this only too well from experience) but it seemed to do only the opposite for me :). Everyone wished me a happy birthday, and they even got me a cake :D. It really was just 5 hours of funtimes during which I had to help a few customers. I had multiple visits from friends and family who came to wish me happy birthday. It barely felt like work. I really think this is how work should feel EVERY day, but then we'd have no way of making birthdays special now, would we? ... OK, moving on...

After work finished, my brother*** and our shared friends came to pick me up, and we went home for a late birthday dinner. We (my brother and I) recieved presents, we ate home-made pie (which was heaps better than the meat pies we're all used to - you know, the frozen things containing God-knows-what that you heat up for an instant meal. Basically, one big pile of bleugh) for dinner and stuffed our faces with cake... 

I am positive there was some wine consumption in there somewhere, but I really don't remember where... :S

All in all, fantastic day. Best birthday I've had in years. Here's hoping for an even better one next year :D:D:D:D

*EDIT: More like WEEKS... :/
**I wasn't actually huge and screaming in this hurry, those particular descriptive words are merely to enhance your visualisation of JUST how much of a hurry I was in. 
***I should mention that it was my Brother's birthday this day as well... him being my twin and all. Incidentally, we were born on my cousin's first birthday, so the three of us all celebrate on the same day :).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthdays and such

SO how are we all? I haven't blogged in approximately 2 weeks, and I figure that today is as good as any to restart. 

Firstly, I will explain my unexpected absense later.

Secondly, if you follow me on twitter, you will know that i just spent like the WHOLE morning racking up tweets to get to 1117 tweets in time for 11:17 am (the exact minute at which I
 turned 20), which I managed to do. Just. I have proof too. Check this out:

I included the whole screen shot so you can see that I have 1117 posts at 11:17 exactly. Also you can see 
some of the effort i went to to rack up that number of tweets. For about 20 minutes straight i did nothing but tweet. I retweeted crap names for pubs, I tweeted some Lily Allen lyrics, and I tweeted one word at a time for a bit too... Worked a treat. Anyway, there you have it. 

Also, I got a screenshot of my tweet count at 1111. 
Here it is: 
I thought the bit where it shows that I have 69 followers might make the children in us all lapse into fits of hysteria in a glorious display of immaturity... by which i mean it would have made my younger sister laugh. 

Longer blog post promised. I will deliver on this one too... I promise!!*

Hope you are all well! 

Lucy :P

*Yes I am well aware that my promises at this stage will highly unlikely be taken seriously by any of you, considering my track record... no matter how many times I say "I really mean it this time". But this is something that I ACTUALLY want to share, and so will deliver on not just for you guys but for my own posterity as well. :)