Monday, February 13, 2017


Happily, I can report, I am making progress on the selling-things-with-my-patterns-on-them front.

It's slow, but it's progress. The heat hasn't made it, or anything productive, easy of late. If you haven't heard from every other whinging Aussie on the internet, we're having a heat wave. Parts of the country are hitting 45+ degrees for 5+ days in a row, which is unheard of. But, as the leaders of this great keep insisting, what climate change?

But yes, progress.

I have now secured a domain, I have my Sole Trader ABN*, and the next few set-up steps are underway - all the boring stuff, like getting my business name registered on ASIC, opening a business banking account, getting a PO box, etc. For most of this I seem to be working backwards. I'll try to complete one step, but then discover more steps to complete first, then more steps before that.

I will get there though. Momentum is starting to build and I'm excited.

Although no one reads this blog anymore I still plan to post here once it is up. For posterity if nothing else. You just never know when a digital archaeologist might stumble across your little blog hundreds of years in the future (does data even last that long?).

*Australian Business Number for those of you playing at home

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